High Times in the Office

October 26th, 2008 by Rainey

So it has been a while since I have posted anything about my office environment.  I think I could sum this week up best by saying: “It really sucked.”

Strangely, it had nothing to do with interpersonal relations and everything to do with the ACTUAL OFFICE!

A few months ago a car drove into our office building.  Drove.Into.The.Building.  Straight up the steps, through a doric column, and into the picture window, knocking through two layers of brick and an antique radiator and stopping just short of the coffee table in the entry room.  We try to be accommodating, but we have never offered drive-through service at the church.  Which means the driver did a lot of damage and didn’t even get baptized for his efforts!  Just kidding.

It was one of the few times you heard Baptists saying it was a good thing the driver was drunk.  That probably saved his life.  All told, he walked away with a broken nose…and some hefty bills.

Now, months later, as it always goes in church life, we are finally nearing the end of our repairs.

This was the week the senior pastor decided to go on vacation.  Which means it was also the week that the workers decided to sand and refinish the wood floors and also turn off the heat for the first part of the week.  Last week it would have been fine to have the heat off.  This week my office was 58 degrees.  With the space heater on.

We had people in and out of the hospital all week.  Which normally would be fine except the other ministers also decided to get “sick” and so it fell to me to do all the daily visits on top of the normal requirements of running the office and getting my own work done.

Oh…and did I mention they were REFINISHING THE WOOD FLOORS?!?!?  Who keeps an office open when they are refinishing flooring?  A Baptist church, I guess.  There we sat, slowly getting high and headachey off the fumes, poised in case someone called.  At the ready in case someone needed something.  It felt vaguely masochistic and sharply ridiculous.  Especially when we were also freezing our asses off.

Since I keep Zeke with me on Tuesday afternoons without any other caregivers, I split once he got out of preschool and headed home–I am proud to say that I successfully kept him out of the office building the entire week, picking up our tent posts and moving camp over to the youth house.  But after he was safely ensconced away from the fumes, I sludged back over to my office to continue inhaling toxic chemicals, shivering at my computer, so that I would be at the ready for whoever might “need a minister.”

I’m not sure how it came to this.  But here we are.

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