October 21st, 2008 by Rainey

So, while my husband posts about Pynchon and Junot Diaz, I will make this blog a newsfeed, and simply update you on the various milestones reached by our son.

Last Monday Zeke began taking steps on his own.  He enjoys walking immensely, occasionally becoming so giddy and silly that he giggles and hurls himself into your arms rather than actually stepping much.

Still, he knows that the quickest way to move is to crawl on his hands and knees, which he does with alarming speed.

We are now realizing that what we had once thought childproofed is pitifully lacking.  A few plug covers do not childproof a house.  He likes to open and pull things out of the kitchen trashcan, try to walk/crawl up the steps, lunge into the cat bowl and food, pick up slate coasters and gnaw on them (yuck), pull on the vertical blinds, pick up any small pieces of anything on the floor, bang on the air filter grate, etc.  The child does not STOP moving.  So we are forced into perpetual vigilance, guarding the various areas he should not go near…it is getting pretty old and we are only at the tip of the iceberg.

Still, it is pretty cute when he is all smiles and maniacal giggles as he lunges to the next thing just out of reach.

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