Old MacDonald

October 13th, 2008 by Rainey

So…our kid loves animals.  Sure, they may all be named “kaht” right now, but he LOVES them.

He is getting close to saying doggie.  Every once in a while he will refer to one as “oggee” or “guh.”

He loves the picture of the blue dog in our living room and will point to it when we ask him where the doggie is.  He sometimes says “woof woof.”

Now, in addition to cats and dogs, he is learning about chickens.

Our friends have chickens and yesterday we were visiting when they got some new peeps.  Though Zeke was more interested in the oggee and kaht, he still took it in.  When we were eating breakfast this morning he pointed to our woodcut of a mother hen and her chick in the kitchen.  We said “Chicken!  bowk bowk!!” repeatedly (and with gestures, God help us) and generally made idiots of ourselves.

Slowly he began moving his jaw up and down silently.  Practicing.  By the end of breakfast he was pointing to the woodcut and saying “Bowk!  Bowk!”

He cracks me up!

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