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October 11th, 2008 by Rainey

The past two weekends have been really wonderful. We have managed to stay at home–no small feat for the sidewhites–and soak up a little of the local color around these parts.
At this time of year, the local colors are pumpkin orange and apple reds, greens, and yellows.
My parents were up last weekend and we made the life-altering discovery that Zekie is old enough to enjoy going to new places. We went out to one of the many farmer’s markets around town–our county boasts the highest number of farm markets in the state. The market we chose for our mini-adventure was one with a huge number of pumpkins and gourds, apples, fresh pressed cider, and, most importantly perhaps, a wooden kid’s train that goes no where but is amazingly fun for a ten month old to climb around on.
Zeke just soaked it up. He loved walking around and hitting the tops of all the pumpkins, some of which were as big as he is. He picked out his favorite gourd and chewed on it for a while (don’t worry, it came home with us!) He sampled a couple of apples, courtesy of his favorite person: Poppa. He also played on said wooden train, examined the various hose hook-ups on an old fire engine and got behind the wheel of an old farm tractor.
This weekend the local fun continued as Conan and I ventured with Zeke to Arborfest at the state arboretum, located an easy 15 minutes away. Our friend John was selling his local honey at one of the tents, we watched a somewhat disturbing puppet show about nature that Zeke loved. We also saw local “art,” had some local “barbeque,” and tried all manner of apples…which Zeke loved trying as well. We watched as a farmer showed us how to press fresh cider. We had kettle corn from a weird kettle corn fanatic. It was awesome.
We even were able to spread a blanket out in the shade and feed Zeke lunch under one of the (many) trees. Later I nursed him on one of the out of the way rock walls. We never had to retreat to the car or retreat home until we were good and ready! It was really great.
We are also making use of our local park and playground a lot these days. Now that Zeke can get around on his own more and more, he is loving crawling UP slides, playing with fake steering wheels (why is that a required staple of playground equipment? We don’t know, but clearly it is the equivalent of baby crack, Zeke loves them so much!), swinging very briefly on swings, and generally living it up being around his favorite playthings other than kahts…PEOPLE! At Arborfest we tried to interest Zeke in the llama petting area. After calling the llama a cat about thirty times he lost interest and simply enjoyed watching the people.
Our little extroverted child. We don’t know how two introverts like us ended up with you…but we sure are enjoying watching you grow up!

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