Kee Kaht

October 9th, 2008 by Rainey

Those are Zekie’s first words.  In some sort of explosion of language last week, Zekie decided that rather than say “mama” or “dada” his first words would instead be aimed at his new best friend.  Her name is Sophie.  She is loving, kind, and…a cat.

He absolutely adores her.  His eyes light up, he begins clapping and bouncing around and laughing anytime she is around.  And he follows her around to try to pet (hit) her as much as he can.

She is completely tolerant and is showing a side of her that we had not seen before we had Zeke.  She lays calmly while he smacks her affectionately in the face.  And when he cries in his room at night she beats us to the door to see if he is ok.

Now, for Zekie, all animals are Kee Kahts.  He can point to the pictures of dogs when you ask him “Where’s the doggie?”  He can even sometimes tell you that a dog says “woof woof.”  But if he has any say in the matter, he is going to call that dog a kee kaht along with any other animal on four legs, and sometimes his mom and dad.  But only if we are being good.

This morning, in an exhausted attempt to get him to sleep juuuussst a liitttttttllle lonnnnnnger, I was nursing him.  He was drifting off.

And then the damn kee kaht began meowing at his door.  Immediately his eyes popped open, he smiled up at me and said. KAHT!  Sat up, looked around, and then began launching himself at the door.

Stupid Kaht.

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