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September 29th, 2008 by Rainey

I am fully aware that this blog has become less a journal and more a baby-update center.  I feel like I should have charts and graphs and little tickers running along the bottom of the page like were were in the “Situation Room” or something…but, seeing as how I am not manic or ADHD and find our networks’ current style of news reporting somewhat lacking, I think I’ll just pass on all of that.

Instead, I am going to try to write a post right now that has less to do with the child and more to do with the rest of my life.  As if I can compartmentalize like that…

When I am not taking care of or delighting in Zeke, I am pretty much working.  All.  The.  Time.  Either at the office or at home.  The steady stream of ministry work never ends.  You just have to decide where to build the dam each evening and hope that it doesn’t break while you sleep for a few hours.  The youth ministry at my church is full-steam ahead.  I have had some sort of programming every Sunday afternoon this month related to the youth ministry.  In October we have a lock-in, a 30-Hour Famine, and a Youth Sunday for two Sunday services.  And I am preaching for World Communion Sunday.  So in addition to the regular weekly activities like youth group, visiting the hospital and homebound, making phone calls, keeping up with youth on an individual basis, worship-planning, working on our special quarterly evening services, dealing with the in’s and out’s of staff relations, and making sure the office is running smoothly, I am also working on various BIG events all the time.  So…count me stressed with all of that.

Still, I am excited about the energy we have this year.  We have new Sunday school teachers for the middle schoolers who are excellent.  At the teacher training yesterday I could feel their excitement and hear their enthusiasm.  Which was fantastic!

Anyways…there are always unexpected monkeywrenches at the church.  When you have planned to work on one thing, then someone is rushed to the hospital and you spend your day at the cath lab instead.  Or you have decided to work on your sermon, but people keep calling to find out about an upcoming event or when the new directory is going to arrive.  It can be frustrating, but it never gets boring!

At home I feel like I am in perpetual motion.  When Zeke is at daycare on Wednesday and Friday mornings I try to use the time to do laundry, clean, get groceries, and plan for the times that I don’t have two hands.  I try to make dinner every night when we get home from work before Conan arrives.  Sometimes that works.  Sometimes Zeke doesn’t want me to put him down, which makes it harder to saute a zucchini.  After putting him to bed each night I pack his lunch for the next day.  I maybe get to read if I am not too exhausted.  It is productive.  I am not entirely sure that it is the healthiest way to live.  But that is where I am these days.  I am thankful for the four hours two days a week that I can do those things at home.  I think if I didn’t try to keep up with the mounds of laundry and the grime that seems to constantly reproduce on our surfaces and floors we would drown in a tsunami of mess fairly quickly.  And I am much more aware of the dust tumbleweeds and small pieces of dirt now that our son is crawling around and trying things out to see how they taste.  Still…sometimes I wish I could just take a morning off.

I think this post has sort of depressed me.  And I need to run to the hospital to make a visit.  So more later…

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