Get Into the Groove

September 23rd, 2008 by Rainey

Boy, you got to prove your love to me…

Sorry.  I had a flashback moment there.  Basically, my title was going to be referring to the fact that I am getting into a routine with preschool and work and all of that.  And then, strangely, Madonna moved in and commandeered my brain.  I apologize.

Life really does seem to be moving into some predictable patterns with Zekie being in preschool every day M-F for four hours and then with me and his babysitter for the rest of the afternoon.  I think it has been good for him to have that routine and that predictability.  Ministry is many things, but it is not predictable.  Which did not do him any favors when he was with me in the office for the first 9 months of his life.  Though i don’t think I would do it any differently if I had the chance.  The benefits outweighed the negatives.

We had at first started out having him in SLC for three days with him with me on Wednesday morning and Friday morning because I had those mornings free.  However, within the first week, I realized that the schedule did neither of us any good.  He didn’t know whether he was coming or going and I ended up having no free time to do things at home, catch up at the office, get groceries, or just generally rest if I needed to.  So he began going 5 days a week, has predictability, can adapt and count on things being fairly regular, and I can do a few things at home with both hands on my free mornings, which is really great.

Leaving him at SLC has also gotten easier.  He cries, but is pretty much over it by the time I get out the door…sometimes before.  So that is good.  Nice to know I am loved, but also nice not to feel like I am doing him permanent emotional damage by leaving.

It is so good to have time at the office each morning to get work done.  Or to take a college student or colleague to lunch.  Or just simply eat lunch.  Those are things that did not always happen when Zekie was with me at work.  And then when I pick him up he nurses, takes a nap (most of the time), and then is ready to play.

So things are looking up or at least looking more regular.  Which, for a type A planner like me, is akin to heaven!

Like an answered prayer.  Just like a prayer.  doo-wop.  I’ll take you there. It’s like a dream to me…

Damn Madonna.

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