Letter to Zeke: Nine Months

September 17th, 2008 by Rainey

Wow.  You are nine months now.  It is hard to believe.  For whatever reason this seems like a big milestone.  Maybe because of the infamous “nine months” of gestation.  That, after you get pregnant, you find out is really ten months in some sort of “ha ha gotcha!” moment at your OBGYN or while reading a pregnancy book.  My due date is when?  What?

Anyways.  You are now nine months old.  This past month was full of new firsts, as always.  We managed to travel quite a bit.  This is beginning to be par for the course with you.  Due to the nature of my job in ministry, there are associational and regional and continuing education meetings that seem to pop up on a regular basis as well as our normal trips to see grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles.  No sooner had we settled back into a routine after going to our Sidewhites family reunion than we were jumping back in the car to travel to Duke for a National Alumni Council meeting.

This was your first trip to Duke.  I could kick myself for not getting a picture of you in front of the chapel or something.  But looking back, we weren’t together often enough for many photo ops.  Instead, while I was in day-long meetings, you spent most of the time with your daddy touring Durham, Chapel Hill, and parts of the Duke campus.  Before my meetings started, however, we did spend an afternoon with Aunt Katie in Durham, eating at the Mad Hatter, shopping at a Southern Season, and having dinner at Tyler’s Taproom in Carrboro.  OH!  And going to Locopops.   If you have not already picked up on it, son, your parents define a good time based on the quality of food they are able to consume.  Don’t worry.  You’ll learn soon enough!

While at Duke I was able to see some fun people that I miss being around.  Namely, Mandy and Chad.  The last day we were there, we were able to grab lunch with them at Elmo’s Diner (food again, sweetie!  see!)  It was so great to catch up, albeit in shifts as we wrangled you around.  And it was so great to meet their sweet Cady in person!  She is absolutely precious and you would do well to take notes on how easily she fell asleep at the table.  Though honestly I think I have given up hope of you being that type of laid-back, easygoing baby.  She was so adorable and obviously well loved.  We were so glad to be able to introduce you to those special friends and have you meet their sweet little girl!

While I was in meetings, you spent your time going to art galleries, the kid’s room at Borders, walking around Duke, and playing the divinity school playroom.  Your daddy’s theory of parenting is non-stop movement.  Strapping you into the ergo and going going going.  You would fall asleep on his chest and then wake up and do it all again.  Something about those couple of days with your daddy seemed to make your relationship even better.  You bonded all over again.  It is neat to see how you will light up at the storm door every afternoon when you see your daddy’s car pull into the driveway.  How you begin laughing and banging on the door and trying to get to him as he climbs out of his car.

This past month you became a bit more solid in standing and walking.  You are very into us holding your hands so that you can tool around the house, stopping to bend down and pick things up, or trying to kick the cat food.  You LOVE the cat food.  I will let you play as I am making dinner and all of a sudden hear a maniacal giggle and know you are making a break for the cat food bowls.  It is ridiculous.

You have been dropping things so that you can bend down and pick them up while holding onto the coffee table.  It is a fun game to watch and you are really good at it!

You are also interested in opening and shutting doors, drawers, and book pages.  You like to sit and have books “read” to you while you turn the pages.  You also like to sit and take things out of your toybox in the living room.  And you are very excited about your little soccer ball that you like to kick all around the house.  Even though you favor your left hand when feeding yourself, you seem to favor your right foot when kicking.  We’ll see where you end up with that.

Eating seems to bring new issues each day.  You do NOT like your high chair, though you are getting better about sitting in it.  You are beginning to now also actively dislike being spoonfed anything, preferring instead to pick up food and feed yourself.  So much for my pantry full of babyfood.  Sigh.

Last week you began daycare at the church.  You go for four hours in the mornings.  It is the most painful part of my day as I drop you off and the best part of my day when I pick you up.  From your reaction, you feel the same way.

But more about that in another post…

For now, you should know that I love you.  I love watching you grow.  You are Mr. Perpetual Motion, our Little Monster, our mess, our handful, our baby boy.  We love you more each day.

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