Sad Songs…

August 28th, 2008 by Rainey

Baby Zekie has an ear infection. After getting his first cold a week or two ago, we noticed that he was doing some weird head-bonking type thing. Looked it up and turns out that is a sign of an ear infection. Add to that his general displeasure being laid on his back, his more-than-usual crankiness, and a few other symptoms, and I decided I’d put in a call to the old pediatrician. First sick-baby visit. First ear infection. These aren’t the type of firsts that you want to go through. Yet they are firsts nonetheless.
While on the subject of firsts…I am not sure that I’ve mentioned that Isaac has two bottom teeth and is working on cutting the two top teeth now. His unbelievably cute gummy grin is turning slowly into a full-blown toothy smile. And that makes the grumpiness, the sleeplessness, the general cranky-pants antics that he sometimes throws at us SO.WORTH.IT. He is, well beyond any doubt, the most wonderful thing I can imagine.
And here ends the cheese.

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