Letter to Zeke: Eight Months

August 23rd, 2008 by Rainey

I am behind in writing you this eight month letter. 10 days behind, to be exact.
Life has been a bit hectic recently. To put it mildly.
After returning from your first mission trip we dove directly into your first VBS. Then, a few weeks later, your daddy and I took our very first vacation with you in tow. We decided that it would feel more like a vacation for all of us if we didn’t try to do something on our own, and spent part of the time with your grandma and grandpa A. and then the rest of the time at the W. family reunion in East Flat Rock, NC.
At the reunion you met all the uncles and aunts and cousins that you had not previously been able to meet and LOVED IT!
You were the center of attention and the youngest by far. Though you couldn’t take part in the juggling, chess tournament, or soccer match, you still tried to be a part of it all.
We had a wonderful time. On the way home we were able to spend some time with Mark and Sara, good friends from div school.
You also were able to meet A and K from mommy’s high school days. All in all a very successful, social trip!
The only thing we would have changed was how you slept. Sleep has never been an easy thing for you. With so many new people and new places and new things to see…you weren’t keen on sleeping.
Things are much better when we are at home, though you still hate naps.
You have been enjoying your last month of full-time at the office with mommy. Now that you are cruising around on furniture, pulling up and sitting down on your own, I have realized that it is a good thing you will be going to daycare in September. We are still working out the details. You will be there three mornings a week and in the afternoons we are cobbling together people to watch you.
You are definitely on the move. As we suspected, being able to get around on your own two feet makes you immensely happy. You do laps around the coffee table. You go from one end of the couch and chairs to the other. You make fast breaks towards the cat food…which is going to be a problem.
You are eating more and more solid foods and have begun to finger feed some, though you still need to work on your technique a bit.
You absolutely HATE being strapped into anything–high chairs, strollers, car seats. After you are in and occupied with something else, all is right with the world again. But wrestling you into the contraptions is no small feat. And it isn’t fun.
Still, we are looking forward to this new month of growth, even as it means more and more work for us as we try to keep up with you! Already, you have a number of things on your calendar. You will begin daycare, go to your first professional soccer game, visit Duke for the first time…
The world is just stretching out in front of you, son. I hope we can help you experience as much of it as you can!

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