The Lodge

August 7th, 2008 by Rainey

The following is a review of our abode for the first leg of our vacation.  We had at first planned on staying at the Sourwood Inn, a hotel where we spent our honeymoon and first anniversary.  However, with a baby in tow, we decided to stay with my parents.  We refer to their home as “The Lodge”–here is a write-up of our accommodations:

If you arrive at the lodge after dark, you will be greeted by the warm glow of a lamp just inside the door.  Sitting on an antique arts and crafts sideboard, its pottery base is only a foretaste of the impressive pottery collection that lines the walls of the interior rooms.  From the work of Jugtown potters in Seagrove, North Carolina to the work of ancient Chinese potters and Native Americans in the American Southwest, the pottery at the lodge adds a warmth and depth to your stay.  You may find, if you choose to dine at the lodge, that you are served homemade soup in one of the pottery tureens or North Carolina style barbeque and sweet potato fries on platters made by artisans nearby.  This sense of rootedness in the arts and culture of the surrounding area is only one of the many features that will make your stay at the lodge pleasant, comfortable, and satisfying.

As you make your way through the entryway into the main room, you will be greeted by vaulted ceilings in the living room and natural light from the many windows and the french doors that lead outside to the screened-in porch.  Arts and Crafts columns greet you as you step onto the oriental rug that lies beside the hearth.  If you arrive in the winter, there will surely be a fire waiting for you under the mantle that was handmade by the owner’s brother in South Carolina out of ash wood.  You are invited to make yourself comfortable on one of the many oversized chairs.  From the living room you can look out onto the lovingly landscaped backyard, the open kitchen and breakfast room, and the formal dining room.  Be sure to check out the collection of paintings by artists from all over the United States, some painted by the owner himself.

From the living room, the lodge spreads out into four bedrooms, one of which has been converted into a study and library with a large window that looks out over the front yard and an adjoining bath.  The master suite has an adjoining bath with an unusually large double-headed shower.  The other two bedrooms share a skylit bathroom on the other end of the house.

The lodge also has what is lovingly referred to as the “crow’s nest”–a bonus room that serves as another study and retreat upstairs.  Downstairs is an unfinished basement where the owner paints and plays piano.

The woman of the house can usually be found making her guests comfortable, providing intelligent and humorous conversation as she plans meals and entertainment.  Her husband and co-owner will probably be found in the kitchen or upstairs in the crow’s nest, working on a sermon simply browsing online.

Beyond any other feature of the lodge is the abiding sense of warmth and hominess.  Clearly the owners have built a home there that they are comfortable in and are willing to share with hospitality and love.  We highly recommend a stay if you are passing through Mville on your way to another destination, or if you simply would like a retreat.

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