August 6th, 2008 by Rainey

So today was absolutely lovely.  We are at my parents’ house on the first leg of our week-long vacation.  Since returning to work after my maternity leave we haven’t had any time off.  Which means that I have been working two full-time jobs-taking Zeke to work and being a minister-for over six months straight with no break.  We feel grateful to have a little down time.

Today my sister, the unflappable Aunt Katie, kept Zekie for a few hours so that Conan and I could go out to lunch.  We had planned on seeing a movie, but the theater turned out to be closed.  So we went to an artisan center in the on-the-way-to-being-revitalized downtown and walked around.  Then we came home and took naps!  It was wonderful!  It is so nice to be with family.  To relax.  To have extra hands and faces to entertain the baby.  And just time to enjoy each other.

So often I feel like we rush from one thing to the next and miss the little moments.  Especially with Zeke.  It has been nice to just enjoy him and our families.

From here we will be heading to Conan’s big family reunion.  This is the 20th year they have reunion-ed (reunited?), so it will be a special time.  It is also the first time there will be a great-grandchild in attendance.  So that is exciting.  We can’t wait for Zekie to meet more of his extended family and to catch up with those he has met before.

Still…with all these great and relaxing times, I am finding it hard to let go of work completely.  I ended up e-mailing and talking to a few of my youth today and calling someone who was supposed to be discharged from the hospital this afternoon just to check in.  I am preaching the Sunday I get back, so I am constantly turning the scripture over in my brain, examining it like a river rock, trying to find fissures and footholds and places to dig in.  I am also leading the “family worship time” on Sunday at Sandy’s family reunion.  I am not even really sure what that entails, to be honest.  So I am still trying to figure that out and put that together.

But all of that is the life of a minister.  I can’t just take a holiday from my vocation.

Nevertheless, it is not going to stop me from filling up a glass and sitting on the back porch tonight, listening to the crickets and tree frogs after the baby is in bed, quietly rocking and holding Conan’s hand.

Sometimes we hit the perfect balance.  Work and play and parenthood.  And life tastes sweet and cool, refreshing and good.  Just what we need.

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