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August 2nd, 2008 by Rainey

So I realize that this may not have been the most interesting blog as of late.
What can I say? I have been really, really busy.
Last month was full of week-long mission trips, Vacation Bible School evenings, and trying to get my head on straight at work after being in weird summer trip limbo for so long. Some very interesting things have occurred recently that I cannot discuss in this forum for now. But suffice it to say that I feel loved and blessed and appreciated and honored by the way God moves in my life and I am learning how to trust that I am on the right path more. Good discussions with loved ones. Times of discernment. Life can be very sweet and solid sometimes.
In other news…my goodness my baby is growing! He is now standing with the help of tables and is pulling himself up in order to move around more and more. Yesterday I saw a five-week old. He was TINY…TEENY TEENY TINY. And he was bigger than Zeke was at that age. It is so hard for me to remember Zekie ever being that small. But he was. Conan and I took some time last night to look back through some of our pictures of Zeke from his first day on. There was a part of me that wanted another baby RIGHT THEN. To be able to relive those special first days. To experience them again…maybe this time out from under the fog of postpartum depression.
Then Conan, ever the realist, reminded me of how hard those first few months were. And how we are still learning how to parent little Zeke. Until he is a little older, I know we won’t be adding to our brood. For our sanity. And so that we can keep on treasuring these small moments with just him for a while. Our sweet little man who wants to go, go, GO! until he collapses, nestling down, burrowed into my shoulder and finally coming to rest.

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