Letter to Zeke: Seven Months

July 19th, 2008 by Rainey

You are seven months old today!

For whatever reason, I have been more aware of this month-i-versary than I have been of many of the others. I guess your sixth month was a long one. It was jam-packed full of new firsts for you. And so it has seared itself indelibly on my brain. Today marks the end of your crazy sixth month. And as we say a hearty farewell, I can’t help but look forward with bated breath towards this new month ahead of us. All of a sudden it is like you are moving in fast forward. Each day seems to mark a new milestone. I can hardly catch my breath before you are off to do something new!

This month saw you making increasingly effective efforts toward crawling. At first you simply managed to roll and pivot yourself to get around. Now you are lunging towards things with a force of will not to be underestimated. Though you still have trouble being both on your hands AND your knees at the same time, you do start that way, quickly moving to the commando crawl position. You plant the toes of one foot into the ground and push your way forward, reaching your hands out to grab whatever is in front of you that you want. Whether it be a toy, your momma, or the cat…or, increasingly, your daddy’s tennis shoes. Now that you have mastered this technique we are having to watch you like a hawk as you almost magically scoot yourself around the floor with ease and speed. We are planning to begin baby-proofing the house very soon.

You have also decided this month to pull yourself up to stand out of a sitting position. Though you don’t stand for long on your own, you are inordinately pleased with yourself when you get on your feet for those few brief, blissful seconds. I can see that standing and moving around the room is not too far away for us now.

This month you also cut your first tooth. It is the right hand bottom front tooth, and it is the cutest little tooth in the world. Your smile is still wide and gummy, but now you have a little white crown on the bottom peeking back at us. Your daddy calls you “Snaggletooth,” which I argued against as a nickname because it makes it sound like your tooth is coming in crooked. But the best argument has been that you seem to fuss everytime he says the name. Thanks for being on my side with that one, sweetie.

This month you have also begun to eat some solid foods. Starting with rice cereal mixed with breastmilk, you have moved on to applesauce, a brief foray with an avocado, carrots, and bananas. We’ll start sweet potato and winter squash soon. Most of the time we make our baby food from scratch. But we have also given you some organic jarred food since mommy and daddy both work full time and have crazy schedules. :) The cutest thing is how pleased you are with the food. Though sometimes you make godawful faces about it, you usually open your little mouth wide for the spoon, craning your neck out like a little bird. And you are getting better and better at keeping the food in your mouth after the spoon leaves. You are growing up so fast!

Every day we learn something new about you. Something we have suspected for a while, but has become increasingly clear, is that you LOVE to be outdoors. When we visit your Grandparents Adkins you love to take long walks in the yard with your Papa. (you also love to bang on the piano downstairs, but that is a different post!) You have gotten better about simply touching the leaves and not immediately beginning to eat them. So that is a plus! Being outside calms you. You love to walk and look and spend time outside. Often you are more ready for a nap afterwards.

Maybe more remarkable than any of these physical developments–at least to me–is the fact that this month you went on your very first mission trip with sixteen youth in tow! We traveled to Passways Camp in Wingate, North Carolina for a week. Your aunt Katie came from Texas as your caretaker. We are so lucky to have an aunt who will fly all the way from Texas so that she can spend a week with you and help me out! I had been stressed about taking you on this trip that I was leading almost from the day you were born. Not only would I be in charge of days that started at 6 and ended after 11, we would also be leaving your daddy at home for a week for the first time. I am very glad to have it marked off the calendar now. But all in all it went really well.

You absolutely LOVE your aunt Katie. She played pretty much nonstop with you during the day. She fed you your solid foods, carried you around in the ergo carrier, walked you outside in the stroller, took you swimming, and laid with you under the branches of a shady tree. She was great at reading your signs. It is clear that you are related because she innately knows what you need in ways that other babysitters just don’t get. She even got you to take naps! Long naps! Sometimes I wondered if she was better at all of this than I was! Though I had to fight the mommy guilt about leaving you for long swaths of time to do mission work and worship with my teenagers, you managed just fine and really enjoyed yourself.

Still, you were in a new place with a whole lot of new people. That meant that when bedtime came, you really wanted to be in bed with me. You did not like to be put down. Who could blame you with the elephant stampede that took place every night around midnight in the room above ours? So, into bed you came. Though I didn’t sleep as well, and neither did you, it was comforting to be together at the end of every day.

My little one, you adapted so well. I am so proud of you for dealing with the abnormalities and strange shifts that seem to characterize your mommy’s work schedule. Sometimes I feel like I am doing you a disservice taking you to the office with me instead of putting you into a more normal daycare routine. But then again, I wouldn’t trade these times that we have had together, even on the most stressful and difficult days.

Now that we are home, you are very happy to be back to your normal routine. Though in the first week of your seventh month we spent every evening at Vacation Bible School…so maybe not SO normal.

But you were so happy to get back to your daddy. (I was too, little one.)

You have gone back to sleeping in your crib. And you are happy to be in the office and with your church friends. Still, we sure do miss our Aunt Katie…

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