Living for the…Work Week?

June 23rd, 2008 by Rainey

So this past weekend was long. Really, really long.

My best friend from kindergarten all the way through 12th grade was getting married in R-town and Conan and I were going to trek to my parents’ house on Thursday night in order to be in town for the weekend festivities. My hometown is a good hour and fifteen minutes from where the wedding would be taking place. It is about 45 miles. But under no circumstances does the distance feel that short. In fact, I firmly believe that at one point you begin moving backwards so that those green signs that tell you the mileage to the next town actually read higher than the last one you passed at one point. So, despite the fact that we loved staying with my parents, it made for an awful lot of driving back and forth on not so pleasurable roadways.

Some of the highlights of the weekend included:

A bridesmaid’s brunch I threw for B. It was SO wonderful to catch up with two of my close friends since our days in Mville. B makes me laugh harder than pretty much any other friend I have.

The rehearsal dinner that Conan and I were able to attend sans Zeke thanks to my wonderful and brave parents who drove him home and actually put him to sleep before we returned, happy and a little tipsy.

The fact that Zeke sampled his first solid-food: the old standard and safe rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. Though the pediatrician warned us that most nursing babies are loathe to begin solids, ours was happy as a clam and sat with his neck craned out like a baby bird towards the spoon. So cute!

It was great to spend time with my parents. My dad wheeled Zeke around the yard in a little red wagon from my childhood and showed him the flowers and plants in the yard and let Zeke play with the hose. My mom sat on the floor and played with Zeke and made a short video of him kicking his legs like a champion swimmer in an attempt to get somewhere. They are so amazing with the baby. And he LOVES them! He just lights up when they talk to him. It is sort of like observing a meeting of the mutual adoration society. Pretty cool.

Now here come the downsides:

Other than the vast and mind-numbing amounts of driving, the weekend also felt a little bit rushed. We were able to see people we loved. But always briefly. Every other hour it seemed as though we were packing it up to go to the next place.

I was preaching on Sunday at both services, which meant I had to leave the wedding early. So, despite the fact that I was the matron of honor (seriously? I HATE the term matron. Makes me feel..well..matronly), I had to leave before the bride and groom. So not cool.

Even leaving early, Conan, Zeke, and I didn’t arrive home until almost 11. Which made for a long and exhausting Sunday.

After the services, I found out I was needed to fill in at a special “concert” we were hosting at the church because our minister of music broke a toe (I’m not kidding) falling down some stairs between services. Though I am sure that caused her more pain and agony than the concert caused me, it still was not fun to be there from 5:30-8:30 when I hadn’t planned on attending. Oh well.

Enough of the griping. All of this is to say that sometimes time off feels a little too much like work. And with Miss M. keeping Zeke pretty much all day today while I was at the office I think being in back to the daily grind was almost less stressful than our weekend! I certainly feel more refreshed this afternoon than I did yesterday on the purported Sabbath day of rest.

So here is to a new work week. Despite all the… well… work that it entails.

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