For the First Sunday Back At Work

June 18th, 2008 by Rainey

i am fully aware that sharing any sort of stab at poetry leaves me open to everyone’s interpretation and critique.  but so does blogging.

here is something i jotted down on the sermon notes insert in our bulletin on the first day back to work, Sunday February 3, 2008 after my maternity leave.

buttoning up my jacket

winding the scarf around my neck

like a hug goodbye

like a leash that pulls me

away from where i want to be

towards the place i need to go

leaving you here

i go to be

the two people i am

though now a part of me stays home

you cry from your room

as i shut the door

as i scrape the windshield

as i drive to the place that

centers me and pulls me apart

piece by piece by piece

my pieces get put back together there

but adding it up

something is lost

leaving even as i return

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