Letter to Zeke: Six Months

June 14th, 2008 by Rainey

Today you are six months old. You are half a year old! It is hard to believe. Yet I remind myself that you have still not been alive and in the world as long as I was pregnant with you…so you can’t be getting TOO old. (At least that is what I tell myself to reassure myself that time isn’t flying by like the wind on a stormy night, fast and scary and out of my control.)


This has been a month of fun. You really are a delightful little guy.


You are very much into speaking your mind as of late, unafraid to shriek and squawk at us when you want something that we, or your lack of mobility, are preventing you from getting at. You are beginning to desire things and figure out ways to get them, whether that be on your own or by getting our attention and soliciting our help. When all else fails, you hurl yourself towards things, almost lunging out of our arms. Your middle name fits, as you are a strong-willed little boy already.


You are also strong physically. You are very much perturbed that you cannot crawl yet. However, you have figured out how to roll back and forth with abandon, pivot yourself around 360 degrees to get to things as if you were laying on a lazy susan, and reach and grab and pull in order to get where you want to go. Crawling will come soon. You can push yourself up onto your hands and you kick and move your legs until you can find purchase and push yourself forward in brief lunges. You always, at some point, tire of this heavy work and become upset and tired, burying your face in the quilt and screaming. Strong-willed indeed.


It seems you are in constant motion. You arch your back to get off our laps…though we are not sure where you think you will go. You lunge this way and that trying to see everything. You roll and scoot and move on the floor. Even at night you have begun rolling around in your crib as you sleep. And you stand. OH MY do you like to stand. We have to help you of course, but your stamina far exceeds ours as you stand and play and grab while we hold you up.

When you finally come to rest, you have decided you very much enjoy sitting up. Which is fun to see. Your posture is ramrod straight unless you are folding in half to get to something or leaning up against the side of a chair or sofa seat. You also like to lean over to either side sometimes or lay back to better maneuver. But you are pretty well in control when you are sitting these days, which is neat.


The minor turbulence this month has come from your poor gums as you teethe. You chew on everything in sight and seem to sometimes be in real pain, crying out and arching your back in anger and hurt. Every once in a while you have even tried chewing on me–my arms, my chin, my cheek–you are an equal opportunity chewer. The other day you gave my arm a hickey from sucking and chewing as you tried to drift off to your nap. Sigh.


The whole teething fiasco has affected your sleep. Though sometimes that is hard to differentiate from your normal animosity towards sleep of any kind. You have begun to sleep somewhat better, though it just depends on the night and your mood. There is no rhyme or reason, it seems. You have decided you would rather not be swaddled. Yet it is hard for you to fall asleep without swaddling. A catch-22 of the highest degree. Naps still don’t come easily to you either. A large part of that is our crazy schedule, I am sure. You don’t have a normal routine because we don’t give you one. Half the time we ask you to sleep in my sometimes quite noisy office. Part of the time you sleep at home. Sometimes you sleep in the car. Our favorite way to nap–yours and mine–these days is with each other, curled up like two hugging commas in my bed.

This month was my first mother’s day. Which was pretty special. It was also the first time since you were a month old that you went to visit your grandparents and aunt Katie in Mville.


You also had a visit from Katie and your grandparents and uncle T from Hopewell. We attended the church picnic in record heat and you played with your birthday buddy, Eli on a blanket. At the end of the picnic you had your first foray into the pool. And LOVED it. You kicked and tried to jump in the water, you lay back and floated. You played in your inflatable float in the big kid pool. You even dunked your face in the water a couple of times and did not seem to mind!

For your six month birthday your Nanny M. gave you an inflatable baby pool for the backyard. Shaped like a frog! However, because the water was too cold, or you were just plain scared of the frog, you cried when we tried to put you in. You did, however, enjoy standing outside of the pool, staring at it, and playing with the spray that it pushed out into the yard from the hose.

Life is so fun with you, our little Zekie-bird. You are a joy to be around. You love people.


You love to talk and coo and shriek. You love to giggle at peek-a-boo games and funny noises and when I tickle you.


You also like to laugh when you pee all over the place when your diaper is off (thanks to your daddy, I’m afraid, who has taught you that is funny.)


You love to hear me click my tongue and make shrill trills with my lips. And you like to grab my face with both your hands, stroke your fingers through my hair while you are nursing, and lay your little head on my shoulder when you are tired.

I love you.

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