Picking Up the Pieces

May 28th, 2008 by Rainey

Ugh.  I am suffering from a severe Memorial Day hangover.  We went to my parents’ house and had a wonderful time.  It made me realize how much we miss out on living as far away from family as we do.  Zeke soaked up all the spoiling grandparent time he could and did NOT want to leave, crying for the first third of our trip home.  Sigh.  I felt like joining him.  And did a couple of times.

Now that we are home, Conan and I feel like we are behind the eight ball in more ways than one.  Work is piling up at the office, the house is a wreck, we have no food in the fridge that adds up to a meal, and our time is sorely limited by other demands after we get home…mainly Zeke, but also trying to run around and put out other small fires.  So I am not sure when we will clean or go to the grocery store.  We did at least do a few loads of laundry.  Such a wonderful chore.  You put it in and take it out and all the work is done for you by those grand machines, leaving you with folding and putting away.  But that takes such little time for all the payoff.  I can mark something off the list without doing much of anything.

Anyways…now that I am through extolling the virtues of washing machines, I will move on.

Zeke is in the throes of teething now and not very happy about the situation.  He makes all these crazy faces as he plays with the new feelings in his mouth.  No teeth have appeared as of yet, though you can see them under his gums.  What a painful experience for such a little guy!  I hate seeing him suffer, though he manages to be pretty happy through all of it most of the time.

So my blog is devolving quickly into a list of daily activities.  I am sorry I have no more to add.  Just trying to get through everything right now…I don’t have a whole lot of time to sit and process any of it.

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