May 14th, 2008 by Rainey

Many parents have to worry about a gassy baby. The fussiness. The painful squirming.

We’ve been there occasionally, but not too often.

The gas we have to worry about is the gas in our car. We find ourselves in a strange place these days. Fuel costs are shooting through the roof. But the cost of a fussy, exhausted, distraught baby is much higher for us right now.

Ahhh….the random car drive, taken in an attempt to get your child to nap. All the while the environmental and fuel crisis pounding in the back of your mind, you drive, and like magic the movement of the car and the vibration of the engine put your child to sleep. Aimlessly, you move around your town. Sometimes you go through a drive-through. Sometimes you simply enjoy the countryside. Other times you drive to gawk at homes that are for sale that you will never be able to afford.

It is an exercise in slowing down, even as you fly down the roads and byways. Because there is no destination for this ride except sleep. There is no purpose to this trip except rest. A study in contrasts and the way that you can put your political and environmental beliefs and standards on hold when it comes to your child.

Judge me if you like.  But if you do, please volunteer to babysit while you are at it.  Otherwise, I am going to keep on loading Zeke into the carseat a few times a week for our random tours through town.

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