Letter to Zeke: Five Months

May 13th, 2008 by Rainey

Today you are five months old, Zekie! I can’t believe how time has flown.

Many things have happened in the last month. None of those have been you sleeping through the night. But no pressure. You have time for that.


This past month was a big one. You experienced your first parade. Actually, your first two parades over the course of two days, totaling about seven hours of bands, floats, firetrucks, elephants, horses, clowns, bagpipes, and dancers streaming by you.

Zeke Loves a Parade

One Apple Blossom down with countless more to go, most likely. You were totally entranced. The new sounds and lights and colors were fascinating to you. Though your daddy and I have never really been fans of parades, seeing them through your eyes made them real and new to us in ways we had forgotten. It is the same way with lots of things. You, little one, help us slow down and really experience and think about the wonders of life. You have spent over ten minutes studying a daffodil with your grandmother. Sometimes I wonder if you are making memories as you stare and study our faces for so long. And then your mouth breaks into a grin and your eyes crinkle. And it is about the best thing in the world.

This month you claimed your giggle. For a few months you have sometimes burst out with laughter. But it was hard won and rare. Now, you have decided to bless us with your cackles and giggles and breathy little laughs at the drop of a hat. In fact, we might simply be sitting with you, and something will strike you as amusing and you will laugh and laugh. It never fails to make us laugh too. You are a charmer, my little man.


You have realized, this month, that animals exist and are interesting. Sophie our cat is a little disconcerted by this new discovery, as the attention you pay to her is generally a shrieking, giggling attention that also sometimes involves you trying to stroke her fur to lure her into a false sense of security before you pull it towards you in an attempt to stick it in your mouth.


All in all she is tolerant, but wary. Montana, D and M’s dog, on the other hand, would let you ride on her and pull on her ears until kingdom come. Bless her. She is about the most patient animal I have ever seen. And you are simply fascinated and try your best to fold yourself in half on your momma’s lap in order to get to her.

You sure are moving a lot these days. Yesterday you decided you had had enough of tummy time and you flipped over onto your back with a simple ease that belied the fact that you had not successfully done so ever before. Luckily your daddy was there to witness it. Nowadays you like to push up on your hands and look around, kicking your legs and scooting a bit. You can turn yourself around on your belly as if you were lying on a lazy susan. And you grab the quilt beneath you and pull as if to say, “If I could just get past this stupid quilt I would really be on my way!” It lies in a mess around you and behind you like you are lead bird in a V of migrating geese.


When you realize you can’t move as well as you like you begin to shriek and cry and bury your head into the floor, exhausted and angry at the effort expended in vain. Don’t worry, my little one, it won’t be long. The other day I looked at your daddy in awe and said, “When this boy begins crawling we are in some serious trouble.”

When you want to go somewhere, you have begun arching your back off of us and extending your legs like you want to get off our laps. I am not sure where you think you will go. But you want to be on your way.

You have begun to reach out for things with both hands now.


If your buddy G tries to touch your nose with his finger, you will grab it before he gets there. When we lean down you reach your hands up to touch our faces. You pull on our cheeks and grab our hands so that you can gnaw on our knuckles. Everything you grab goes into your mouth if you can get it there.


And you are hoping that soon you can get your feet into your mouth. You work on that move every day now and are getting very close.

You still love to be read to, though you wish you could hold the books…and perhaps chew on them for a while.


A couple of days ago you were dedicated at our church. I felt like I should have invited so many people up to the front to stand with us–all these people who love you and care for you and are taking care of you. Your grandparents. Your Aunt Katie. Nanny Marley, Miss Mattie, Papa John, Uncle John, Nancy, D & M, and everyone in my office. It takes a village…or a family….or a church…to raise a child. And we couldn’t be more blessed.

You certainly are a handful, my little man. But you fit our hands perfectly and we wouldn’t change a thing.


Except…maybe this month you might could sleep through the night?

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