Road Trip!

May 12th, 2008 by Rainey

This past weekend we took the Zekie-bird for the longest trip he had been on since his monster of a road trip at the ripe old age of one month to Mville and all across South Carolina.

We went to see his grandparents in Hopewell, which is about four hours away.  It was a whirlwind trip.  We went down Friday night after Conan got off work and arrived around 8 (Conan left early, obviously)…Zeke woke out of his car-ride slumber and was all smiles when he saw his grandma and grandpa, laughing and just generally lighting up the room for about an hour.  He even forayed back to his Uncle T’s room and was entranced with the Katamari game being played…I exited with him quickly, hoping that the weird swirls of color wouldn’t end up giving him faux LSD flashbacks in later life, prompting therapy regressions that somehow pinned everything on his mother.

We stayed in a hotel, hoping that it would help Zeke maintain his nightly routine.  Though he went to bed a good bit later than usual, he slept surprisingly well for being in a new and strange place.  I think he managed to miss the generally pissed-offedness of his father at the fake “crib” the hotel gave us that would not correctly unfold.  I shielded him with my boob.

Anyways, we woke up and met the family at their usual McD’s Saturday morning breakfast.  There Zeke met his Uncle B and Aunt P and his cousin B.  He was pleasant, but not overly engaged as he was quickly fading and needing his morning nap after the excitement and sheer joy of the continental breakfast at the hotel.  We returned to the hotel for a brief nap and a second breakfast for Zeke and then headed over to Conan’s parents’ house for more visiting.

After we left, we made a very roundabout trip to a pottery open house that we had hoped to see.  Will someone explain to me how there are TWO route 605s off of 360 within a 10 mile span?  Whatever.  We finally arrived and made short work of the show, trying to get back on the road.

The other reason we headed to the RIC was to be at a memorial reception for the father-in-law of one of our best friends.  Zeke was able to meet his crazy uncles W and C at the reception and we were able to be there for people who mean a lot to us–in fact I performed their wedding a couple of years ago.  It was a sad time, but a celebration of a life well lived at the same time.  Which is always a good thing.  And we were reminded, as always, what wonderful friends we have.

Both W and C were particularly enamored, and a bit in awe, of Zeke, both being childless themselves.  W did not man up enough to hold him, but smiled a lot and lightly rubbed his hands and feet in an affectionate way.  Which was really sweet.  C held him twice, both times completely gleeful about him.  It was about as cute as anything I’d seen.  It was only when Zeke loudly pooped that C decided that parenthood might not be for him.  Conan sealed the deal by checking to see if the poop had gotten on his shirt by wiping it with his hand and then smelling it.  Sigh.

We headed back to Wchester late that afternoon on Saturday, already exhausted from all the stops and events we had tried to pack into a very short weekend.  Zeke was none too pleased to  be in the carseat again, and made his displeasure evident a number of times on the ride back.  Loudly.  There is absolutely nothing worse than having a crying baby strapped into a carseat in a car when you can’t stop to fix it and know that if you do stop, you will only fix it for the briefest of moments because in order to take him out of the carseat permanently, you will have to put him back into it. Our previous success with silly songs and funny faces on the trip down only managed to piss him off more…so finally Conan ended up shaking a rattle repeatedly in time to random radio music, staring longingly out the window, and letting Zeke kick his arm for the last forty-five minutes to home.

All in all, I would say, a successful road trip.  We feel confident that we can handle it again.  Maybe in a few weeks.  Or maybe by next year.

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