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May 11th, 2008 by Rainey

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So, have you ever had one of those days? I went into Thursday morning determined to have a good day. I was chipper and ready to take on the world. Work full time with a baby in the office? After very little sleep for going on five months? Not a problem.

It was going to be great. Isaac went down for a nap, I was getting work done. Things were progressing just as I had hoped.

And then I decided to eat my lunch.

Carrying Isaac down to the workroom, I pulled my lunchbox out of the fridge. I had packed a carrots, and yogurt, and an orange. And a tupperware full of leftover hot and sour soup. I even had some of those crunchy things you put in the soup that makes it even better. Things were looking good.

I popped the tupperware lid to vent it a bit while I heated it up in the microwave, happily chatting with the financial secretary. Blissfully unaware of the fate that was about to befall me.

The microwave dinged. I pulled the soup out and pushed the lid back on to carry it up the my office. That was my first mistake. As I picked it up the lid flew back off, pushed by the steam and pent up heat. Surprised, I dropped the entire container. Fantastic.

You know…it would not have been so bad. Lunch is replaceable. But it didn’t end there. Because the soup managed to go Every-freakin-where. Everywhere. It was under the fridge. All over the floor. It splattered on the doorframe and the cabinet doors. The stools. The sink and fax machine. All over the copies on the workroom table. ACROSS the table onto the opposite wall. The copier. I’m telling you, tofu and weird mushrooms were all over the place.

I handed the baby off to S., our secretary, and then proceeded to mop, wipe, and sponge for a good fifteen minutes. My senior pastor came into the room, looked around, saw me up to my elbows in soup, and simply said, “I think I’ll get my lunch later.” As I passed his office on my way home later, he couldn’t hide his chuckles. My pants were coated in soup, so I rolled them up and stood barefoot in the middle of the mess.

It was ridiculous. The entire office continued to smell like the House of Liu for the rest of the day. And I ended up making an impromptu trip home to change and find something to eat.

As I drove I called Conan.  Here is how the conversation progressed:

ME: “Guess what I am doing?”

C: “What?”

ME: “I’m going home to change!  Wanna know why?!”

C: “Hmm…I am guessing it has something to do with Zeke and poop.”

ME: “Nope.  More like me and soup.”

Strange how your day can take a left turn and never quite right itself, you know? After that, I was off. I felt three steps behind. I ended up running late getting home to our friends who had driven over an hour to come visit and have dinner. They sat on our front stoop, locked out of the house, as I pulled into the parking lot in a car echoing with the screams of an overtired and unhappy baby.

It is a good thing that sausages on a grill, good conversation, and best friends that don’t mind a frazzled woman rushing in to unlock doors and throw dinner together, can fix most anything. Even a day at a hot and sour office.

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