March 21st, 2008 by Rainey

Thanks to a gentle reminder from Blogger that I actually had created a blog about a year ago, I am back to make my second attempt at blogging. So far this endeavor has gone about as well as all my previous attempts at journaling with pen and paper. Read: unsuccessfully.
In the time that has passed since I last blogged I had a baby. Big news and big changes. And now I am trying to learn how to parent and be a minister in a fairly demanding church environment.
When people go into ministry, I sometimes think that they envision long prayer retreats in the woods and meaningful conversations at hospital beds. They probably believe that as ministers they will actually practice Sabbath rest. Maybe some of them do. It is pretty hard for me to. And I have never been on a prayer retreat that actually lasted more than a couple of hours at most. And I was probably the one in the back making a list of things I needed to do when it was over. That is just how I roll.
So now the great monkeywrench of a baby has been thrown into all my productivity and I am not only learning how, with my husband, to be a parent for the first time, I am also bringing my son to the office with me everyday. Which means that the lists of things I need to get done have had to be revised drastically in order for them to be even remotely realistic.
I am absolutely in love with my son. He is hard work and overwhelming and I sometimes feel like I am letting EVERYONE in my life down by taking him to the office with me. But I really don’t think I would have it any other way right now.
So…maybe this whole blogging thing will help me reflect on the experience and find some time to think about the process while I am in the midst of the chaos. We’ll see!
See you next year. Heh.

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