April 24th, 2008 by Rainey

“Experts” seem to talk a lot about a baby’s schedule. At four months they should begin stretching their feedings. They should drop out the middle of the night feeding. Etc. Etc.
All the “shoulds” sometimes wear me down. Zeke is completely opposed to scheduling. Right when he turned four months, after sleeping eight straight hours the night before, he decided to begin waking up every 2 hours to eat. He will take three good naps one day and then completely refuse to nap the next day. There is no normal with this child.
That is probably due in large part to the fact that there is very little “normal routine” for me. He spends the early part of Sunday morning at home with daddy, then it’s off to church where he is bombarded by love from all manner of people. Then home or out to lunch or off with daddy if I have a meeting. Monday and Tuesday he heads to work with me in the morning and is there the whole day, surrounded by office people and church members that drift in and out. Then Wednesday we are at home for the morning and then he goes to the office with me until 4:00 when he is picked up by church friends/babysitters until I get home from Wednesday night activities around 8:00. Thursday we are back on our normal work schedule. Friday he is home with me all day without daddy. And then Saturday, if Conan is not working, we are at home together and usually have house guests. It is a little insane, now that I have written it out. We are lucky our little guy is surviving, much less cobbling together some semblance of a schedule based on those shaky foundations.

Well we do what we can do and try to make it work. At least he will learn about flexibility. Something that his mom is still working on!

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