Oh Well, I’m Back Anyways

April 22nd, 2008 by Rainey

I may suck at writing, but I still enjoy this. So have no fear my millions of faithful readers. I am still going to blog. I know that all of you are relieved.
Question for the day: What is it about having a child that makes you hate or at least have no patience for your previously spoiled rotten pet?
I am so tired of being “needed” all the damn time that when I get home and the cat wants to sit on me it takes all I have not to physically throw her off of me. It doesn’t help that I spend the entire night either nursing a baby or having a cat sleep or alternately groom herself ON TOP OF ME. Remind me again how anyone is in a “caring profession” while also being a full-time mom without going completely insane? I have caregiver exhaustion.

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