Sleepy Boy

April 21st, 2008 by Rainey

You get so angry. Swiping at your eyes, pretending that they aren’t getting heavy. You begin to drift and pull yourself back with a violent hiccup and squawk. You kick your legs and pull at my shirt, grabbing me to keep yourself from falling into the calm of sleep.
You cry because you are so tired. You cry because you hate to sleep, afraid you will miss something or someone. You cry because your little body is betraying your ever-running mind and your watchful little eyes.
Tired little one. Why won’t you just let go? The world will still be here, waiting, when you wake up. Your momma will greet you with a smile and a kiss and call you sugar-bear, just like before.
Nothing is going to happen that you can’t experience after you sleep.
Drift off to dreamland. I’ll be here when you open those eyes again. And then you’ll smile that sweet smile and turn your head and cut your eyes at me…you little flirt.
How I love you, sweet one. Your eyelashes fluttered and fanned out on your apple cheeks, your mouth a rosebud opening slowly in relaxation. Your arms and legs finally hanging loosely as you let yourself rest. Your baby belly rising and falling as you breathe and live and grow, even in sleep.
My baby. My sweet heart. My little butter-bean, sugar-plum, koala bear, baby boy.

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