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April 20th, 2008 by Rainey

So after literally spending years and months wishing we had a Panera in town, ours finally arrived. The great/insane thing about Wchester is the inordinate amount of restaurants we have here. For some reason our coffee shops do not stay open past 8 pm, but to somehow make up for that blow to a social life, we have more restaurants than it seems the population could support unless pretty much everyone ate out at least once a week. Maybe that is the reality of the situation because here we are.
The funny thing is, right before Panera opened up we discovered a local bakery. It is run by latinos and seems to be primarily supported by the latino population. And it is awesome. It has papusas on the weekend, cuban sandwiches, and a great selection of desserts, pastries, and bread. Can you really ask for more?
So after complaining about having no Panera bakery cafe, I find myself now strangely drawn away from the asiago bagels back to our local bakery. There is just something so much more fun about running in to pick up a hot cuban sandwich from someone who actually speaks Spanish than having the fight through the hordes at Panera.
We also have some of the best local restaurants around. We have the best Italian place that you can get in without a wait and serves a wide range of Italian dishes that are fantastic. OR, you could go to the Olive Garden. We have an amazing Thai place that is literally a hole in a wall with faux jungle scenes painted on the walls where you can get great sushi and awesome street noodles. And we have some of the best Indian food around that you can pick up at an easy mart to take home. OR I guess you could run to Red Lobster or TGI Friday’s or Chili’s or any number of chains. They have their place. But I am not sure that they are worth the price we pay if eating at them means losing these great local treasures.
All of this is to say, I think next time I want a loaf of challah, I will be running to the Sunset Bakery instead of Panera.
And by the way, after living in a college town for three years and seeing MAYBE three college students out and about, now that Panera has opened we realized that all it took was a pick two combo to get them to come out of the woodwork in droves.

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