April 18th, 2008 by Rainey

They say having a baby changes you. That the way you see the world and the way you act and plan and talk shifts and reforms in light of this little creature that is now the center of your universe.
I believe it.
When we were first married, and I guess when we were dating too, I used to joke about how much Conan hated to hear me sing. I LOVE singing along with the radio. And I guess I also have the sort of annoying habit of being reminded of songs by simple phrases in conversations or strange turns of events. And rather than letting those songs pass in and out of my mind quickly, they some how get trapped in my brain and the only way to exorcise them is to sing them. Over and over.
I remember one fateful day when for whatever reason I had the Monday night “Are you ready for some football?” jingle stuck in my head. For literally hours. I am so glad I am still married and my husband didn’t file papers.
Anyways. I finally asked him why he hated singing so much. Apparently it isn’t just me. He has always found it annoying. He just wants to hear the radio, thank you very much. Not his mom’s voice singing along. Or mine. Or whomever’s.
I had tried to accommodate this small idiosyncrasy. I had tried (sometimes unsuccessfully) to banish songs, jingles, and little snippets of tunes from my head…or at least bottle them up so that my husband didn’t have to hear them all the time.
Now that Zeke is here all of that has changed. It began slowly. I had a song that I made up for Zeke when he was fussy and very small. I only sang it to him. During our trip to South Carolina when he was a month old, he was fussy in the car and I began to sing it to him. Conan looked at me strangely and said, “I haven’t heard that before.” Well…that is because I had been trying not to sing in front of him!
But just as strongly as Conan used to disdain singing, Zeke LOVES it. And so now…WE sing. Not just me, but Conan as well. We have a song for putting on clothes. We have a song for getting into the carseat. We have a song for the bath. We have some songs for when we are playing around. Songs for bedtime. We sing in perfect unison. We make up rhymes on the spot. And it is fun! Zeke loves it. And Conan has never complained. Not once.
Having a baby truly does change everything…

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