Day Off?

April 18th, 2008 by Rainey

Being a pastor, my weekend is not your typical Saturday-Sunday walk in the park. Instead, I have Friday and Saturday off and work on Sunday. Which means that Conan and I only have one weekend day together usually–unless he works on Saturday. And it also means that going away for a weekend is pretty much impossible.
We have managed to adapt fairly well, really. Though it is harder to see family living as far away from them as we do now.
The real problem is that a good number of our friends and relatives don’t really understand the whole weekend split that we deal with. I am forever getting harangued by some friend or another about coming down and visiting. Even though I have tried to explain that it is near about impossible for me to do that unless they want to take a Friday off to spend with me. I would have to head back home on Saturday afternoon in order to make it back here in time for church.
The worst are the friends that are also ministers who seem to have months of vacation. They are forever running off for a week at the beach or for a weekend getaway. The envy I feel at their free time eats away at me sometimes when I think about how much easier it would be for me to have that time with my family. And when I realize that they are in ministry too and can do those type of things? Where did I go wrong?
Now that we have Zeke, Friday is not really a day off for me. It is just another day in the life. Though we aren’t in the office, my day still revolves around caring for him, changing diapers, nursing, trying in vain to entertain him with some sort of strange mixture of children’s books, play mats, and a jangly plastic apple. I am trying to figure out how this can be a day of rest for me. When he is napping (which is rare) I feel like I should be cleaning the house so that on Saturday I can spend the day with Conan and Zeke and just be, rather than coming out with my regular “to-do” list as usual. Not to mention that a lot of Fridays I have to catch up on work that I can’t get done with Zeke in the office–phone calls and other stuff. What is a day off again? I am just not sure those are going to exist anymore.

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