Isaac’s Nightly Prayers

October 16th, 2011 by Rainey

In the evening before bed, our family finishes reading books together and then does something that we call “Happy/Sad” in which we each talk about our happiest part of the day, our sad part of the day, and what we are thankful for that day.  It is a nice ritual and sort of Ignatian Examen-ish.  We sometimes tag on a prayer but sometimes our son is so tired at that point that we then move on to what we call “Sack of Potatoes” in which he flops haphazardly onto our bed as if he has been tasered all spread eagle and eyes closed, and then is carried, like a sack of potatoes, into his room and his bed.  Recently, Zeke has been saying a prayer each night after arriving in his bed however, leading us in his sort of “Look!  A Squirrel!” way through that evening ritual before we begin trying to cajole him to actually give up the fight and go to sleep for pete’s sake.  Some of the more recent prayers have been:
“Dear God, please let all the sick people in the world feel better.  Amen”
“Dear God, please let me feel better and stop coughing.  Amen”
“Dear God, thank you for toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Amen”  (That one is my particular favorite.)

Tonight’s prayer was, for anyone who knows our son, simultaneously hilarious and mind-boggling:
“Dear God, thank you for sleep.”


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