Letter to Zeke: Three Years

December 13th, 2010 by Rainey

I have no excuse to have skipped most of the months between your second birthday and today.
I guess that is just the reality of raising a two-year old.  You keep us really, really busy.  I have joked that you have two speeds: fast forward and off.  And it is really hard to get you to turn it off.  I remember one night on the way home from a dinner with friends you sat in the backseat and cried.  I asked you why you were crying and you told me you were crying because the moon was out and you did not like the night time.
Truer words may have never been spoken.  You do not like to sleep or let go of any shred of wakefulness.

This has been an interesting year, full of words.  A few days ago you told me that you and your father were going to play David and Goliath, “Would you like to join us, Mommy?” you asked.
I told you that you were my favorite little boy.  You told me that I was your favorite little mommy.

You inform anyone who will listen about predators and prey.  You love dinosaurs, alligators, pirates, sharks…anything that has the potential to hurt someone.  Your favorite Bible stories are Jonah and the whale, Daniel and the lions, Joseph being thrown into the pit, and David and Goliath. You also like when Jesus walks on water and when he brings little children back from grave illness or death.  But you don’t understand why Jesus died.  You wonder about why the dinosaurs died.  Why mothers and fathers sometimes die in stories.  You ask us to read those parts over and over again asking, “Why?” each time.  It is a good question.

Once, we were acting out the story of Peter stepping out of the boat to try to walk on water.  You had played the role of Jesus, stepping out onto the water and saying “TA-DA” quite a few times.  Finally, I told you that daddy would be Jesus, I would be the other disciples and that you could be Peter and walk to Jesus.  Immediately you began to sing, “YOU CAN FLY, YOU CAN FLY, YOU CAN FLLLYYYYYYY!!!” Peter Pan style.

And it’s true.  Why walk on water if you can just fly?

I have begun to realize how many fairy tales dovetale into Bible stories.  We’ve played David and Goliath when Goliath ends up falling down the beanstalk.  We’ve acted out Jesus on the water when Peter became Pan and flew away.  It must be awfully confusing…

At least you are getting the sense of a story.  The other night you asked me to tell you a story in bed.  You started it off, “Once upon a time there was a little boy named Isaac.”  I began to fill in details and then you took over, weaving a story about bedtime and monsters who ended up being kind and mornings full of granola and sunshine…it was pretty cool to watch.

You love the Natural History museum in DC, you love the Natural History museum in Martinsville.  You love the “airplane” museums in DC and Dulles.  You love Chick Fil A.  You love the farmer’s market with the big wooden ship and you help me cook sometimes in the evenings.

Every evening you sing our blessing.  One Wednesday night I told you to be quiet because the pastor was going to say a blessing.  He got halfway through before you loudly insisted that YOU wanted to pray and began singing your blessing instead.  Sweet, earnest little boy.

Today you held the bottle of one of the children at church on the way to school.  You promised not to drink it so that I could return it to her mommy who had left it behind by accident.  You talked about why the bottle was glass and asked why it was cold.  You wondered about the squishy outer protective sleeve.  You wondered why the baby needed milk.  You talked about nursing. And when we pulled into your daycare you handed the bottle back and said, “See?  I didn’t try to drink it!  I didn’t break my promise, Mommy.”

You talk about things that astound us almost everyday.  And at the same time, you are still working so much out.    You don’t understand why uncooked eggs are bad for you when they are part of cake batter. But who does?

You amaze us everyday.  Happy birthday, little man.

We love you!

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