Letter to Zeke: Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven Months

March 30th, 2010 by Rainey

Dear Zeke,

Boy, time flies when you are having…fun.  Actually, time just flies.  Remember that as your days and weeks and months become shorter and shorter as you grow older and older.  But also remember how your days stretched out in front of you like rolling hills and valleys, out to the horizon when you were this young.  Each day is an adventure for you, with its ups and downs.  I love seeing how you greet each new day with boundless energy and try to hold onto the last dregs of it each evening, savoring it all until you finally let go enough to let sleep overtake you.

Each morning you bang out of your room into ours and demand “ola” [read:granola] and then proceed to dodge clothes and shoes and coat until the very last minute before we need to leave for school.

These past few months have been full of ups and downs as usual.  You spent a lot of time with daddy at the end of January while mommy was at the youth winter retreat and then at Duke for meetings.  You had a good time, as always with him, exhausting him completely by the time mommy returned.

We had fun at a basketball game at George Mason at the end of January with all the youth.  You were given a chick-fil-a stuffed cow with its own parachute as promoters rushed to the rafters to drop them on the fans.  You clapped for the team, but mainly wanted to run around the outer parts of the arena.  We had more snow than we knew what to do with over the past few months and the beginning of February was no exception.  We were able to shovel out enough to go watch the Saints win the Super Bowl over at Dan and Megan’s.  And you stayed up the whole time, loving the energy of all! the! people!  Our little extrovert.  Someday we will figure you out!

We had lots of fun until Ash Wednesday when mommy fell down a flight of stairs, spraining her wrist and giving herself a concussion.  I told folks that I knew Ash Wednesday was a day of remembering that we are fallible and breakable, only dust, but that I didn’t need that kind of reminder.  After a trip to the ER, a splint, and a heavy dose of Tylenol 3, I spent the rest of the week sort of alternating between floating on meds and hurting.  Lucky for you, Katie and Nana and Papa all spent time at our house, spoiling you rotten and helping your mommy and daddy out with the basic necessities of each day.  You did not like that mommy had a “boo boo” one bit, and especially disliked my inability to pick you up and put you down in the crib.

So…perhaps in response?…you have taken to sleeping by yourself on the futon where I can lay beside you until you fall asleep, where you can pick at your daddy until you drift off, or where you sometimes even fall asleep all on your own.  You are showing us each day that you are more and more ready to be a big boy.  You use the potty all on your own each morning and night and sometimes in between.  You are asking to wear “pull ups” during the day, despite the fact that we have never really mentioned them.  You are sleeping on the futon and will be getting a twin bed in a couple of weeks.  Life is, as always, speeding along.

And boy are you telling us all about it.  We have long and complicated narratives going on each day.  You told me yesterday that at school you played with “playdoughandsandandbucketsandshovelsandthisbottleofredwaterandoutside,” pointing to each thing as we left to get in the car.

This past weekend the Lewis family gave you a hand-me-down play castle.  You absolutely love it and it has spurred another feast of imaginative play.  On Saturday I was a giant storming the castle gates, you were a giant, we had a picnic in the castle, you were on the lookout for monsters, we sailed on a boat next to the castle.  There were sharks in the water.  Then we acted out our bedtime routine.  Your sock monkeys were babies.  I was a baby.  You had to change my diaper and take me to church.  You had to pick me up from the nursery and then I was instructed to ask to go back to church.  Instead you drove me home and made me go to bed.  Your daddy and I couldn’t stop laughing.

I love this age.  You are so full of interesting ideas and games and imagination.  You still love animals and they have starring roles in most of our games.  Sharks and alligators seem to be the most popular.

The other day you found an orangutan from Nana and Gramps’ house in Ohio that you had stolen over a year ago when we were up there visiting.  You told me, “I like dis monkey.”  I told you it was an orangutan.  Then you proceeded to call it an orannnnutann for the rest of the morning, named it Tyson, and made me read it a book.

You are a lovely, lovely boy.



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