Letter to Zeke: Twenty-Three Months

November 16th, 2009 by Rainey

Dear Zeke,

Wow.  In one short month you will be two years old.  TWO!  That is just so crazy for me to think about.  It seems like we have known you much longer than two years in many ways.  But since you, like any good human being, continue to grow and change, we still have lots to learn about each other.

This past month we had a lot of fun.  You are loving ‘school’…loving your friends there.  They threw a “harvest party” for you guys the day before what the rest of the universe calls “halloween”  (sorry, sometimes the attempt to keep it “Christian” without knowing the historical background to things makes me laugh…)  You still like to tell me about how you dressed up as a lion and said “RAWR!”…that colin was elmo, abby was a bumblebee, caleb was a giraffe, faith was a fairy princess, and that jeremiah and baby zeke were just themselves.  I was lucky enough to stumble on your costume (handmade, btw!!) at our local hospice thrift shop…four bucks.  I was so excited about that find.  It was incredibly cute and I wasn’t stressed about whether you were going to wear it or not since I hadn’t plunked down big money on it.

You had so much fun trick-or-treating!  We went to see lots of your favorite people…so that helped: Your Buddy George and Miss Peggy, Grandma Mary at the Winchester House (who had not remembered it was Halloween, but loved seeing you anyways), Lori and the animals at her house, Rick and Lindsay, and Miss Mattie and Papa John along with doggie Montana.  You had exactly one and a half lollipops and half a mini-twix bar and thought you could conquer the world.  You had all the signs of being high.  Strange laughter when nothing was discernably funny, an unfounded belief in your own abilities (you tried to scale the outside of your crib and then laughed when you fell down..), running around in circles for no reason.  It was hilarious and a bit scary.  :)

After a couple of weeks of being the only ministerial staff person in our office ending with a youth group lock-in, I decided to take a few days off.  I cooked fun meals for dinner and organized some spaces in our house that had not been touched since you were born close to 2 years ago.  It was a good way for me to decompress and try to rebalance a bit after placing most of my energy on church stuff instead of the house stuff for a few weeks.  There were a few days this past month when we weren’t together much…the lock-in of course and then the youth hiking trip which lasted all day.  But for the most part, we had lots of good time together.

Your daddy has also been busy, working late nights and then going to a conference in Williamsburg.  He also managed to hurt his back right before he was to run a marathon, which royally bummed him out.

But, your daddy being your daddy, he ended up running it anyways after consulting with a doctor and a couple of PT friends.  And he shaved half an hour off his last time.  SOOOO….that was a lot of hand-wringing and heartache for nothing!  :)

Speaking of the marathon, boy what a way to celebrate the beginning of this new month with you!  You spent five hours outside watching people run.  Trying to run with them.  Clapping your clapper things and cheering.  And then falling asleep at lunch after it was all over.  It was a long weekend, but full of good things.  We caught up with baby Abby…your long lost love from Jackie’s wedding, and her parents, baby Jonah and his parents, your daddy’s college roomate, and of course Dan, Megan, Grammy, girl Sandy, Tony, and Grandpa.

It was a great weekend!  You were such a trooper.  And we love being with you.



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