A New Thing or Two

September 14th, 2009 by Rainey

So I know I haven’t been on this blog much lately.  That is, in many ways, because I have been trying to turn over a few new leaves in my day to day life.

At the beginning of the summer I began making spastic forays into the world of running.  Living with a marathoner makes it difficult to remain happy in your sloth-like existence, try as I might.  This is the woman who failed (yes, you read that correctly) the mile physical fitness test in high school. FAILED it.  Granted, that is what happens when you decide you want to walk and talk through most of it.   But still.  I never failed anything.  Except for the mile.

So I began a couch to 5k plan at the beginning of the summer and am now successfully running 2.5 miles or so on a regular basis.  It is amazing to know that I can train my body to do something that I never thought it could do.  And though it isn’t anything compared to what my husband does on a daily basis…it is a lot for me!  I couldnt’ have done it without him cheering me on, either.  It feels good.  And it is good for my spirit.  There is not much of a feedback loop in ministry.  And the same can be said for parenthood.  So a good portion of my pats on the back happen when I make a good dinner or get the house cleaned.  I needed something more than that.  With running I accomplish a goal every time I go out there.  And I am doing something just for me.  Which is also a perk.

The other new thing I am doing is something I am almost ashamed to admit.  I am reading the Bible all the way through in a year.  I think that some people assume that I would already be doing that?  As a pastor?  I know I have read most of the Bible already.  But I realized that I was not feeding my own spiritual life very well in recent months and, in an effort to kick start that part of me again, I decided to be intentional about reading the Bible every day.  It has already made an impact.  I am already thinking about new things.  I am once again being seduced by the poetry of Isaiah and the psalms.  And falling in love with scripture all over again.  Take this little ditty from Isaiah, for instance, “I will rise up against them, says the LORD of hosts, and will cut off from Babylon name and remnant, offspring and posterity, says the LORD.  And I will make it a possession of the hedgehog and pools of water, and I will sweep it with the broom of destruction, says the LORD of hosts.”  That, my friends, is awesome and terrifying.  And a wonderful use of the word hedgehog.  In a new way I am living with scripture…in a way not tied to lesson plans or sermon writing or worship.  But personally and on my own.  Which, after you think about all the wonderful elements of communal faith so frequently and so intensely, can sometimes get eclipsed and overlooked.

So there you go.  My meager excuse for failing as a blogger as of late.  But life is good.  Busy and full and good.  There’s your update, friends!  :)   Thanks for not giving up on me!

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