Letter to Zeke: Twenty Months

September 14th, 2009 by Rainey

Dear Zeke,

Your twentieth month was about as full as they come.  We started off with a week of VBS.  Your first VBS that wasn’t strictly nursery.  Since mommy was on duty, you ate dinner each night with your buddy George.  Which he loved as much as you.  And then you spent time with your church friends while mommy led over thirty youth in their very own VBS.  Needless to say, we were exhausted every night!

The week after VBS we left for our annual youth mission trip in North Carolina.  This year we didn’t have aunt Katie with us to keep you occupied and happy.  But we did find a serviceable substitute in your daddy!  You had a great time hanging out with the youth, and you even had a friend close to your own age.  As more and more women are becoming pastors, more and more little kids are making their presence known at events like Passport.  It was great.  Your daddy pulled double duty in the morning watching both of you so that the women folk could do their ministry thing.  Then it was off to naptime and then QT with momma during the free time.  Then back to daddy for the evening and up all night with the trains passing by your window with mommy.  Sigh.  It was a long week.  Lots of juggling.  But very, very good to be together!

Because your mommy didn’t think she had enough to do, she decided that it would be good to sign you up for swim lessons starting the week we returned from camp.  Unfortunately, after your first lesson, momma came down with a wicked sinus infection that put us out of commission for the next lesson or two.  But you still had a great time.  You, of course, did not much like being held in the pool, prefering, I suppose, drowning on your own to any help afforded by me.  But we made it through and you absolutely LOVED going under water and swimming to mommy and jumping off the side.  We had a good time at our lessons and you got a strangely worded (Parks and Rec people need to work on their certificate writing skills), yet treasured forever certificate to show for it!

It was a  good month.  A long month, but good.

I love you sweetheart,


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