Letter to Zeke: Nineteen Months

September 14th, 2009 by Rainey

Dear Zeke,

Your nineteenth month started with a wedding.  After your momma had one of the worst illnesses in recorded history, an ear infection that basically made her want to stop living because of the aches and pains and chills and fever and vomiting and migraine and OH.MY.GAH.  It was horrible.  After all that we decided to make a trip to Reading, PA up and back in one day to go to one of momma’s college roomate’s weddings.  Though it was a little insane, it ended up being a lot of fun. We weren’t sure it would turn out that way though.  When we arrived it was raining.  For the outdoor wedding.  I ducked into the ladies’ room to nurse you and then your promptly threw up everything you had recently consumed on my silk dress and your outfit.  Which we then realized was your ONLY outfit other than green striped pj’s we intended to change you into to had home that night.  So you spent the better part of the wedding and reception in your raincoat. And mom smelled bad and had weird purple spots on her dress.  Oh well!

We were then able to meet little miss abby, momma’s other roomate’s daughter.  And boy were you smitten!  Abby this, abby that.  You wanted to dance with her. You wanted to play with her.  She wanted you to leave her alone.  It was hilariously cute!

After we made it through the wedding and reception we bundled you into the car and finally made it home.  Living with a pastor as a mommy is not easy.  You have to leave all your Saturday festivities early so that you can be home in time for church on Sunday.  You can commiserate with your daddy someday.

After we got back from the wedding you were out of school for a week and spent your time at Camp Lewis with the roosters, horses, dog, and cat and bunny.  And of course Jacob.  Who you love and follow around like a puppy.  You had a great time spending all day outdoors and taking long walks with Miss Nancy and Sarah and Rebecca and Jacob.  It was a good way to fill the week off of school and a blessing for your working momma as well!

At church you had the pleasure of sitting in on the beginning of a girl’s spa night with the youth.  You especially loved the foot baths, which you attempted to use as your own personal jacuzzi, much to the delight of the girls and the horror of your mommy.  You are such a hambone!  It is hard to keep up.

From there we tried to once again get back into our school routine.  You still have struggled to adjust to the new place and the new faces.  It will happen though.  Even though it is hard for me to see that right now.

Your nineteenth month ended with a party, just as it had begun.  We went to Staunton to be with Mark and Chandra on Mark’s 30th birthday cookout.  It was so great!  You loved playing wiffle ball (which meant you chased down the balls and tried to hand them to the batter…) and you loved Mark…who you called Maahk and Chandra, as always.  It was a great time and a good way to roll into the next month of life with you!

I love you little man!


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