Letter to Zeke: Eighteen Months

June 16th, 2009 by Rainey

Dear Zeke,

It has been a full month for us, full of firsts and transitions.

At the beginning of May you delighted us with your love for parades.  Delighted us because we were able to see the Apple Blossom festivities through your eyes, rather than our “oh my God, we hate parades” jaded adult eyes.  Suddenly the myriad tractors and bands and animals seemed wonderful and exciting.  You were totally jazzed for the firefighter’s parade.  The entire time.  You danced to bands, watched elephants march past, were thrilled by the tractors and fire engines, and basically loved the entire experience.  For the first time since we have lived here, I enjoyed Apple Blossom.  Thanks, little man!

After the craziness of the beginning of May, we moved slowly toward our week of vacation, the days dragging by slower and slower.  Finally, it was your last week at school at our church preschool.  They had a big picnic at HRR and we had a less than fun time chasing you down as you tried to steal other kids’ balls and bikes and generally were frustrated by everything.  We were sad to say goodbye to SLC.  Sad to say goodbye to your teachers and your friends.  But that night, we were NOT sad to say goodbye to the picnic as we pulled out of the parking lot…the first people of over 400 people there to leave.

Then it was time for vacation!  We headed down to South Carolina to see mommy’s grandmother who is now 94 and daddy’s mama lou who is almost 90.  First stop, Nana’s.  Or…as you began calling her almost immediately, “Nanny.”  I told her that she could add one more name to the list of things her loved ones call her: Mer, Nana, Grandma, Mother, Miss Lib, Elizabeth…and now Nanny.  You loved Nanny’s walker so much, pushing it all around the house and refusing to return it to her unless we forced you to.

But when we outside all of that was forgotten.  Because we were on a farm.  Which meant cows (“MOOOO!”) and donkeys (“HEEE!”) and tractors (“TRACK-TORE!”) and roosters (“ERRERRRERRRR”!!!)  You were living large, tromping around in all that red clay with your boots and your hat and your john deere t-shirt.  We went swimming in the pool, you went to see the creek with your poppa.  And then, to top it off, we went to the zoo!  It was a trip full of animals.  You couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

On the way back to Martinsville, we went to visit Mama Lou.  You immediately broke one of her figurines.  And she immediately could have cared less.  You were your own, irrepressible self…and everyone loved you just the way you were.

You were such a good traveler as we rode with Papa for most of the trip.  And then we were able to go spend a few days in Martinsville with Papa, Nonny, and Gramps.  So it was a good time.

When we returned home, you began your first week at a full-time daycare.  It has been a rough transition.  Not one that any of us have enjoyed.  And though we have worked through all sorts of complicated equations trying to figure out how we could move or quit jobs or work part time to keep you with us more, we have finally realized that this is just the next necessary step as we pursue our vocations and also our role as your parents.  We will work to make it work for all of us as much as possible.  And hope and pray for the best for you.

You have not enjoyed it though.  No…not one bit.

Here’s hoping things get better soon and that your mother figures out an antidote for guilt.



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