Letter to Zeke: Seventeen Months

May 16th, 2009 by Rainey

Dear Zeke,

I bet you didn’t think I would actually do this during your seventeenth month. And, if you were judging my failure to blog on any sort of accurate timeline in previous months, that supposition is warranted. But! But! I am only three days late today! Hooray!

You are seventeen months now. And you believe yourself to be fully grown. You want to drink from a cup without a lid, resulting in very wet shirts and floors and socks and faces. You want to use the potty on your own…so I bought you a little potty seat that you pull out, put on the toilet seat, I lift you to sit on, you sit for a while and then get down, remove the seat, shut the lid and flush. All of this is only a prelude to doing what you actually came to the bathroom to do, however: wash your hands. Oh my little obsessive compulsive darling. You LOVE to wash your hands, preferably with soap. You love to play in the sink and splash and get your hair wet. You love the little step stool from your great-grandparents’ house with the elephant that you place just so as you step up. You love every bit of it. If you aren’t in the bathroom, the kitchen sink will suffice. You just want your hands in that water. All. The. Time.

I bought you a pool the other day at Target for four bucks. A small inflatable pool. And for the past two days you have splashed happily in that and then come inside, dried off, and then asked to wash your hands. Sigh.

You are just a very independent, strong willed little man. Some things do not change. You would rather walk around than sit in a high chair. You would rather feed yourself food on your fork than be fed. If we are dipping bread in olive oil, you would like to do the same. You want to be fully grown so that you can do it all on your own by your own rules…just like your mommy and daddy. :)

Some new words you are adding to your repertoire seemingly daily: hat, waffle, bubble, balloon, pool, potty, wet (sounds like hot), hippo. You asked for a waffle for dinner last night. And though that seems small it was just a sign of the ways you can communicate your desires and wishes all the more each day.

And you LOVE saying truck now. It sounds like duck. Which sort of sounds like clock. But we are learning to differentiate. In all three words you stress the final hard K sound. Sometimes to the point that it sounds like Ach, which puts us in mind of Scottish lairds or Hebrew school. It’s cute.

Yesterday you were taking a nap and I realized that I was excited about you waking up so we could spend time together. It may seem like mommies should always feel that way. But you are a lot of work and I crave the breaks that your one nap a day affords. But when I have those moments of clarity when I can see fully the fun, interactive, amazing little kid you are, it makes me thankful for all the time we have together and excited to see what you will do next. Even if it means you have to wake up from your nap!

Yesterday after we got out of the pool and got you dried off and you were able to briefly wash your hands (of course) you got dressed. And grabbing the little duckie bathrobe I had put you in earlier, you swung the hood (aka HAT) onto your head and walked around for the better part of the afternoon pretending to be a duck. You ate your goldfish and drank your milk as a duck. You played with your trucks and puzzles as a duck. You just loved that.  And I did too.

Can’t wait to see what you do next!



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