Mother’s Day 2009

May 10th, 2009 by Rainey

On this second of my Mother’s Days you:

-decided not to take a nap

-ran a fever of indeterminate cause

-ate almost nothing and demanded to nurse only to stop almost immediately after latching on about a million times

-finally gave up the fight about an hour earlier than normal and went to bed before your daddy and I even ate dinner

Which caused me to:

-go to the ATM, CVS, and Wendy’s wearing my pj’s, my glasses, and flip flops to get cash, buy children’s motrin, and our supper because I was too beat to cook.

The romance of motherhood is, sometimes, almost overwhelming.

However, on this second of all my mother’s day, you also:

-were almost unceasingly happy about everything

-gave me numerous sloppy and loud, smacking kisses

-laughed and laughed when your daddy ran you around the backyard

-decided to be amazingly sweet to other children, laughing and smiling, hugging them, holding their hands, and giving them kisses…repeatedly…when we were having fun at the Robertsons’ house after lunch

-hugged my neck and your daddy’s neck simultaneously and gave us both kisses

-made me feel so lucky, happy, and blessed to be your mommy.

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