Letter to Zeke: Sixteen Months

May 4th, 2009 by Rainey

Dear Zeke,

I am, unfortunately, once again very late in posting your monthly letter.  I guess it is just a sign of how very busy you have been keeping us lately!

All of a sudden you seem to be a big boy, full of words and your own plans and ideas.  We have trouble keeping up sometimes…which frustrates you.  But we are learning right along with you.

First of all…some of the awesome new things you do:

Give kisses.  You have a great big “mwah” sound you make when you give kisses or blow kisses.  It is one of my most favorite things ever.  You love giving us kisses and we sometimes just keep trading them for quite a while.  You kiss and hug your daddy bye-bye in the morning when he goes to work.  You blow kisses to your teachers when you leave daycare and your buddy George when we leave the office.  And recently you have begun kissing boo-boos.  If you pull our hair or bite or do some other hurtful thing out of frustration, we tell you it hurt, and you immediately kiss us to make it better.  You have also begun finding boo-boos on other people.  George had a bandaid on his hand the other day that you must have kissed ten times.  I had a scratch on my arm that you kissed.  Of course, you demand kisses for boo-boos too.  Quite frequently in fact.  To the point that sometimes I think you might be making some of them up.  But the very best is when you kiss your own booboos in the backseat when we are driving somewhere.  It is so extremely cute.

When we say prayers you do a funny squinty eyed face.  You understand that we are closing our eyes, but you are bound and determined you won’t be missing anything…so you pretend.  It is hilarious.  And at the word “Amen” you clap.

You are learning how to do the hokey-pokey fairly well, especially the “turn yourself around” part.

You love drinking water from cups with straws, opening up a whole new universe in “things that will amuse you for short periods of time at restaurants.”  Panera has become a Saturday morning ritual for breakfast, followed by grocery shopping.  It has been great fun!

Due to illness, “spring break” at daycare, and other weird coincidences, you and I spent a good month of Fridays together for full days by ourselves.  It was so wonderful and exhausting!  We had lunch together at Panera (once again with the Panera, I know!), we went sightseeing, we played on the playground, we played outside, we went to the library.  You are always on the move.  It is fun to try to keep up!

Some of your new words or words that you are perfecting: duck, ball, up, mommy, daddy, papa, hot (with hand outstretched as a sign), out, go, off, no, bird, plane (sort of), mine, octopus (I know.  so weird), balloon, cat.  You also stick out your tongue and blow for cars, moo when you see a cow, bark when you see a dog, try to oink for a pig, say baa for a sheep, neigh for a horse, chomp for the gator, yodel in a strange attempt at a cock-a-doodle-doo for a rooster, bawk bawk for a chicken, and trumpet with a hand motion for an elephant.  All of which is adorable.

You can point to almost all your body parts when prompted.  You can also pick out different animals from a lineup.

You are getting much better about going to sleep tonight.  You love to go upstairs for your bath because it means that you then get to snuggle in your pjs with monkey and your blanket on the futon and read books with daddy.  After spending copious amounts of time with mommy all day, you sure do love that special time with daddy.

You are getting better and better at going down steps.  You are pretty proficient at crawling up them…and now we are having to really watch that you don’t just try to go down them all on your own.  You still don’t know your own limits.  Which is wonderful in a way.  But also terrifying.

You absolutely LOVE playing outside.  If you could live outside you would.

You love to dance.  Which I also love to see you do.

You had a wonderful Easter, hiding Easter eggs and finding them.  On Palm Sunday weekend we were able to visit with Grammy and Grandpa.  We had such a good time!  And mommy and daddy even went on a date!  At church on Palm Sunday you decided the pebbles covering the egg were more interesting than the egg, piling them into your basket and then walking away, leaving the egg.  The playground equipment proved much more enticing.  But by Easter you had gotten the hang of it and loved finding the eggs and Papa John’s and Miss Mattie’s.  That evening your Papa arrived and you had a wonderful day with him on Easter Monday, despite having to go to the doctor with an ear infection.  You also got to spend some wonderful time with grandma and your great-gramps that evening and the next morning.  You sure do love being the center of attention.

You have always had a mind of your own.  More and more you are making your desires known.  Sometimes at very loud volume.  Sometimes with mini-tantrums.  Your daddy and I are learning about our style of discipline and learning what will work with you.  So far we have done a pretty good job.  We too know when it is time for us to take a break and a step back.  We hope we are teaching you what that looks like too!  :)

Oh!  A few other new loves in your life: your monkey that you sleep with, green gators, Thomas the Tank Engine (thanks to powerful marketing ploys that we have unsuccessfully avoided), Kipper, your books, and animals!  Oh the animals!

You are so much fun, my little man.


Your Mommy

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    Now I am going to do my breakfast, afterward having my breakfast coming yet again to read further news.

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