Holy Week…

April 9th, 2009 by Rainey

Well, it’s Thursday.  Maundy Thursday, to be exact.  And  I have no sermon.

Thankfully, I am not preaching at tonight’s service, and because of childcare issues I hoisted the Good Friday community service onto the senior pastor this year…but I am still preaching on Easter.  AND…no sermon.

Thursday is generally the day that I have everything done for Sunday.  Yes, I am that anal.  The Holy Spirit can move and breathe during my work-week hours, thank you very much.  And I have felt the Spirit’s presence during hasty revisions Saturday nights and before and between services on Sunday as well.  Just, in general, I would prefer not relying completely on the Spirit to give me words when I walk up to a pulpit on any given Sunday.

But this week, being, as it were, “holy,” means that in the midst of prayer stations for youth, visits to nursing homes and hospital rooms, extra services during the week, planning a community service day and a 6-month long fundraiser for a community center in Uganda…the sermon has been brushed to the periphery.

There’s just something about Holy Week that makes me want to pile on extra work.  A few years back we decided to buy a house during Holy Week.  This year we decided to work on Zeke’s sleep issues throughout the week.  And, I am just emotionally and physically drained.  My head hurts, my shoulders ache, my stomach has been weird.

And now I am trying to write a sermon.

Mary came to the tomb while it was still dark.  It feels pretty dark here too some days.  So I guess I will just lead myself to the tomb and wait for a miracle.  Like every other year.

Peace to you on this Holy Week and blessings for the coming Eastertide.

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