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April 2nd, 2009 by Rainey

At the risk of making this the most depressing blog ever, I am still going to post this poem:

Days Before the Funeral

Cards from the children, colorful and sticky

Hang like prayer flags above your bed.

Strung on clothesline as you lie

wide and loose and uncaring.

The casserole dishes crusty in the sink

The yard sale leftovers lying in heaps

on a carport with no cars.

Women rearrange afghans and flutter on the periphery

Children climb into the laps of strangers and lay down their tangly heads

Old men smoke on the porch, hands hung loosely between their knees,

nodding their heads at the neighbors who drive past.

A silence loiters

The history channel plays on mute

The downstairs renter moves out his things

The laughter and dampened lights and our

Sighs as we clasp one anothers’ hands.

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