If I Had Only Known…

March 24th, 2009 by Rainey

how fun it was to have the carseat turned around, we would have done it at the first possible moment.  Instead, we waited around, all concerned about “safety.” Pshaw!

You are loving facing forwards.  You are fascinated by the radio buttons and being able to see out the windshield and the other windows.  You also, I must admit, absolutely are delighted to be able to see your mama!

And I am learning that all those times I couldn’t see you in the back very well you were quite possibly doing very cute things.  Such as conducting, with both hands, the classical music that we blare out of the speakers while driving you around.  Or trying to snap in time.  (That just kills me!)

Or cuddling your sock monkey.  Or “flying” your toy plane around.  Or grinning at me like an idiot at stoplights because you are just.so.happy. you are able to finally see me!  (Ok…that one probably only happens now that you actually are able to see me….but you get the gist.)

I love this new development in our daily meanderings and commutes.  What fun!

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