Letter to Zeke: Thirteen Months

February 18th, 2009 by Rainey

Dear Zeke,

Because you were born in December and because your mama is a pastor, the days following your first birthday were full of activity.  On your daddy’s birthday, the day after your own, we had church as usual and then gathered later that evening for the White Christmas service–the service of outreach and mission to the community–and then the Youth Christmas party.  You managed to be the center of attention as we played “Thieves’ Christmas” and ate sausage cheese balls in the youth house and then went home to bed.

Your school was on break until the beginning of January, so after your birthday you spent a lot of time in mama’s office.  Which meant I got very little work done some days…but we had fun.  One Sunday evening before Christmas we went caroling to a few of our homebound members.  Which you liked…up to a point.  You seemed more interested in pointing out the clocks in the meeting room than joining us in song.  But that was ok.  You were definitely a bright light for some of the older ladies we visited!

On Christmas Eve we gathered at church.  Your mama has two services.  One at 5:30 and one at 11:00.  The later one she came to at home, leaving you and your daddy tucked up tight into bed.  After the first service we made our annual visit to the R’s house for dinner and fun.

Christmas morning you woke up early in your snowman pajamas and inspected the Christmas tree.  Later your Grandma and Poppa and Aunt Katie arrived to celebrate together.  We had a great time full of food and laughter.  The next day they hit the road and your other grandparents and your uncles T and R arrived to celebrate once again.

Even though this wasn’t your first Christmas, it was, in many ways, the first one you began to understand.  Though you weren’t all that interested in gifts.  We had to unwrap them and show them to you as you were perfectly content playing with your other toys and showing off for your grandparents.  You received lots of books, some music cds, a few stuffed animals, two ornaments, and some clothes.  All in all far more than you needed.  We had a great holiday.

New Year’s Eve was spent at the Lewis’.  But we didn’t stay up late enough to ring in the New Year.  Just long enough to be thankful for one more year of life and all the good friends and family we get to share.

We are enjoying watching you grow up!

You are our sweet little man.



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