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November 20th, 2008 by Rainey

As an NPR groupie?

Some of my earliest childhood memories have a soundtrack.  And it sounds remarkably like the trumpeted theme song of “All Things Considered”…it smells like sausage mac or tonata…and it has the orange glow of dusk in my family’s kitchen.

I remember being very confused sometimes when reporters talked about Bolivia.  I thought maybe they were talking about Olivia, one of my favorite Sesame Street people.  And try explaining to a child that Manila is both a city in the Philippines and also the name of a type of folder made out of a hemp made there.


Well, I expect Zeke will grow up with similar questions and quandries.  For, though I used to be bored by my parents’ love of all things NPR: “A Prairie Home Companion” while eating baked potatoes after church, “Science Friday” driving back from Duke with my dad, “Weekend Edition” waking me up on Saturdays…I find that now I am beginning to see the quiet seductiveness of good reporting and quality programming.

We have cancelled cable.  NPR is my entertainment.

And it worries me.

Because I just spent an inordinate amount of time during my lunch break looking at pictures and reading bios of some of my favorite NPR hosts.  It is a sickness.  And I am afraid I have a particularly nasty strain…

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