Letter to Zeke: Ten and Eleven Months

November 9th, 2008 by Rainey

Dear Zekie,

Well, I have been remiss in posting these letters.  In that I failed to write you a letter for your ten month birthday.  The past two months you sort of went through a developmental explosion.  You learned to crawl on your hands and knees, you began saying words, you then moved to walking a few steps at a time.  A couple of weeks into your tenth month, you decided to just keep going.  You have been walking on your own ever since–also, at some point, learning how to climb up steps–and are now, in the words of your dad, “Pretty much unstoppable.”

Which means we, as your parents, are exhausted in a whole new way.  We are now have taken on the added duty of referee, calling you back when you go offsides or out of bounds, and herd dog, keeping you hemmed into the acceptable areas of the house.

You are constantly discovering new things.  You love to “dance” to music, bending your knees in a happy little white-boy dance.  But you have rhythm!  Putting you head and shoulders above most of the folks at our church!  You clap.  And you still love to sing.  You are beginning to try to match pitches, which is pretty cool.

New words you say: cat, gah (for dog), bowk, clock, mama (though not really directed toward me), duck, quack, and…my favorite…uh-oh.  When in doubt, you call most things “cat.”  Though uh-oh is your new favorite phrase–and you use it correctly!  It is very cute.  Oh!  And you once called your dad a “cow.”  But that seems to have been a fluke.

You are still enjoying your time at school, though you have taken to “flirting” by slobbering all over the pretty girls’ hair.  So that is weird.  We are going to have to work on perfecting your technique.  Though as your uncle john says, “That will serve you well until you are about a sophomore in college.”  heh.

Your daddy and I managed to take you on a vacation at the end of October to the beach with your grandma and poppa.  You had a wonderful time discovering the ocean.  You loved to dig in sand and try to put shells into your mouth.  You saw birds and ducks and your daddy and I took you to the aquarium.  Which basically was the best thing ever for your little sponge of a brain.  You were in hog-heaven seeing all the fish, walking around like you owned the place and talking to each of the fish that darted by.

You have become quite the little mayoral candidate when we go out to eat, moving from table to table making friends with the other patrons.  You still have the extrovert streak, though you have learned to be more wary with your affections, sliding back onto our legs to check each new person out thoroughly before allowing them to pick you up or play with you.

Life is good.  You are a sweet, sweet little boy and we love you.

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